Drawing Exercises

What’s really going on? Maybe I am nuts…. but I am thinking about the beginning of the school year already. This is only because of a veteran teacher’s advice during my first year of teaching.  He told me, “Don’t leave on the last day of school without having the first week of school ready to go.” All except for 1 out of 16 years I have followed his advice. The year I didn’t, I cursed my own name in vain. I was stuck in a broken down copy room trying to making copies of my course outlines and classroom bingo cards. This year I threw this packet into the mix, so I am all set for the first week of school…. it sounds insane, but believe me it makes going back so much easier!

My goal in this lesson is to: build confidence, teach foundation skills, and start a dialog about vocabulary.

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Cheralynn Johnston – Artist and Educator

imageI’ve been teaching high school art since 2000.  I took a couple of years off and went to SCAD and earned an MFA in Painting.  I really thought I was going back to the classroom “for a year” to figure out life and finances after grad-school.  This Fall I will be starting my 7th year at Salinas High School and 17th year teaching.  Needless to say I truly love my job.

A few years ago Salinas High School District offered 1:1 chromebooks for our students.  At first I really didn’t know how this technology would be an asset to the art room, but I was eager to figure it out.  It’s put the spark back into creating lessons and totally changed the way I teach.

I am pleased to share with you what is working for me and my students.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask.  I love knowing I am not only teaching my students, but being able to share and collaborate with teachers around the world.