Submit Your Free Lessons for Others’

I have been amazed at the amount of generosity everyone is showing during this craziness.  I have been glued to the computer and one of the things I have noticed is how everyone is sharing the content they have created.  I am generating a list, not of business, organization or companies offering services.  A list of resources created by teachers.  There is so much kindness happening and it might help to centralize it.  If you can think of anything I missed when creating this submission form let me know and I’ll add to it.

Here is a link to a Google Form to submit content LINK

Here is the link to the spreadsheet results LINK

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Cheralynn Johnston

Having the ability to flip the room so my students are leading their own learning has given me more freedom to help students one on one. I started off by making video demonstrations and since have been wrapping my lessons up in a HyperDoc. I wouldn't say my room has been completely flipped, but it is definitely blended learning. I love teaching and I am thrilled that I can share my lessons with you.

2 thoughts on “Submit Your Free Lessons for Others’”

    1. I wish it was being used more!! This week was a blur and I haven’t had the time to look at this. I think some people were having a hard time entering on it’s a Google Form created on my work account. I am going to switch it out right now. Maybe that will get more people to post. 🙂


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