“Two-fer” PBIS lessons and Nearpod

Vaping, digital citizenship, college and career readiness, and COVID-19 were Salinas High School’s main PBIS lessons for the 2019-2020 school year.  We listened to our stakeholders and promised one exercise per quarter.  We switched things up by experimenting with ways to deliver and how to cultivate faculty buy-in.  I feel the main way to have teacher buy-in is to present content embedded in need based on data.  As you peruse the lessons pay attention to the different ways we experimented with assigning teacher delivery.  I think the most successful method was having six assignments centered on one theme.  Assigning each department one lesson, and asking teachers to deliver that same lesson all day.  We tried to develop instruction that wouldn’t take longer than ten minutes.  This way students will hopefully receive six ten minute lessons based on the same theme throughout the day.  Over the year teacher buy-in did improve and staff complaints have lessened.  In fact, we are hearing compliments and I have Nearpod to thank!

Crazy times right now and I have some innovative tech I want to share with you that might help with delivering content to your kids remotely.  Have you heard of Nearpod?  It’s a slide deck program that allows you to incorporate polling, multiple-choice questions, digital bulletin boards, fill in the blanks, quizzes, games, and more!  You have a choice to present a live version where you control the content on their device and can monitor their input immediately.  Or you can deliver a student-paced lesson, which will be great for remote learning!  For both options, you can download a pdf with a detailed report of their work.  The best part is the Nearpod library made up of a gazillion premade quality lessons you can use as is or edit to your needs.  You can create your own lesson directly from their dashboard or use a Nearpod add-on with Google Slides.  You can also use a deck you have already created.

I am not in any way affiliated with Nearpod, nor will I be receiving kickbacks from this plug.  I am the technology coach at our school site this year and we are currently in a pilot program. I have been working with a very helpful site rep, Talia Hoffman (taliah@nearpod.com).  She has been kind and given me a promo code to share with you.  This is a three-month all-access code for Nearpod and Flocabulary!!  Perfect timing to help get us out of the weeds (or should I say germs).

Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 10.53.09 PM.png

Lesson Links


Digital Citizenship

College and Career Readiness (Nearpod Lessons)

COVID-19 (Nearpod lessons)




Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 11.33.27 PM.png






Published by

Cheralynn Johnston

Having the ability to flip the room so my students are leading their own learning has given me more freedom to help students one on one. I started off by making video demonstrations and since have been wrapping my lessons up in a HyperDoc. I wouldn't say my room has been completely flipped, but it is definitely blended learning. I love teaching and I am thrilled that I can share my lessons with you.

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